Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Argumentative Essay(Description)

This essay has 6 paragraphs.

The most important paragraph is refutation paragraph.In this paragraph,it consist of two parts first is concession and second is counter-argument.In concession part,you tell readers what is people opinion about the topic amd this opinion is opposite your opinion.If you are agreed with the topic,the concession should against the topic and vice-versa.

Introduction also important,not for argumentative only,but all types of essays.There are some wyas to start introduction of your essays

In introduction part and refutation part in argumentative essay,you must state clearly that either you are going for or you are giong against the topic.

Example of argumentative essay..

Remainder..start with a bang..give readers the excitement to read your essay,make readers curious...and state clearly what is your state

Mc Daddy asked question in his speech,"Can you function on your own? Can you fix anything? If you can't fix the stuff,do you at least know who to call to fix it for you".Well,considering about the divorce wives will make people realize how important to spend the money when they are in married life.It is fully supported/opposed/agreed/disagreeg that housewives should be paid for looking after the house _________,_____________,&_______________.(Thesis statment).

Concession and counter-argument are separated by word however/on the other hand

In each paragraph,exeptional for into & refutation,you must conclude the paragraph.Words that you can use are:
-In brief

In conlusion part
Do like the other essays,students like to begin with it is pertinent to note that......
You restate your point but in different way and lastly you give opinion/suggestion about the topic given......

I'll post the whole essay to make you more understand about the flow of argumentative essay.I apologize because I'm sure there must be grammatical mistakes,I'm not expert to use english in my daily life.I hope it'll helps you a lot...



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