Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Physics----Sound & Waves

Types of waves

Tranverse = one in which the disturbance occurs parellel to the line of the wave
Longitudinal(sound) = one in which the disturbance occurs perpendicular to the direction of traveling wave

Highlight the graph and see whether it is vs tme or distance.if it is vs time,one cycle represent period,T and if it is distance,it represent wavelength....

Sound Intensity

For this topic,highlight that which eq must be used.......
There are 2 types of finding the answer....
Read the question carefully,if it say about emits uniformly/sumthing to do about distance,then use 4nr2

The Doppler Effect

In this topic,there 4 things we must consider...
frequency for observer and the source,velocity for observer and the source,is it approaching or is it leaving......
Use the approprieate formula....


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